Welcome to Fire Detection Guy dot Com

This Site will describe the fire detection systems that we have developed over the past several years. 

This is our original technology.

In 2003 we began to develop our first fire detection system. This system was developed for the RV (motorhome) market but the technology was applicable  to many other markets.  The systems are based on micro-controller technology that allows extreme flexibility (via programming) so  that the  technology can be configured for  a wide variety of applications.

By July of 2004 we had our first Beta test units in the field.  Since that time we have continued to develop additional systems for the recreational vehicle and industrial markets. 

Under the "product tab" you will find information on the technologies we developed.

While we no  longer market the  detection  systems we developed, we would  be glad to  discuss the  technology and how it  might apply to  your  application.  

Please contact us if you have any questions

Jim Shepherd

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